Visiting Dworkin

Once you have some loot, visit Dworkin, he can transfer 1 attribute from loot, to another item. Cost for the transfer is as follows:

Hand over the item you wish to transfer FROM, and let Dworkin know what attribute you wish to transfer. Dworkin will tell you how much of that attribute you may transfer, and tell you the cost. The costs are easy to figure 250 gold per pt or % So if you have a amulet that has Fire Resist 11% that you would like to transfer, you give the amulet to Dworkin and tell him you want to transfer Fire Resist.

Dworkin will tell you how much the item will transfer and the cost. So if he says 4% transfers, and that it will cost $1000 gold. If you want to transfer less then what Dworkin will allow, just let him know.

You then, if you want to transfer give Dworkin the Item you wish to transfer to, and the gold. Give him some time, it’s a lot of work to transfer things, and sometimes can take a bit.

If you choose to not transfer, Dworkin will give you the transfer item back. Either way, you may not bother Dworkin again for at least 1 hour. If you bother him too many times during the cool down, he may leave and not come back for a while.

Dworkin will always appear in the throne room at Britain. However, he is not always there. There is no announcement that he will be there, unless other players choose to tell others. When Dworkin leaves, he leaves.