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Welcome to Amber RPG

We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please join or login if you have joined before.

Welcome to our MMORPG.  This game is based off of the popular MMORPG Ultima Online and you may use the standard client to connect.  

While many of the commands and rules are the same, many things are not.  Monsters and shops are relocated, and the maps is changing by the day.  Note, we work on this in our spare time, which sometimes we have more of then other times.  All items we personally sell are all put back into the game, no one gets paid for this.  If there is any extra (it has never happened) we prepay hosting.  Speaking of which, we actually have two hosts, our website (this page) and the game itself.  They are located in two different cities to ensure that even if one is down, the other is probably up.

Game settings, using razor, you need to connect to port 2593