How to get started

Okay, so you’ve decided you would love to play in our shard, first, get the Ultima Online Client. You want to select the Classic Client, the Enhanced Client is NOT supported, and we can not help you with it. Next you will need UO Razor, this is what makes the magic of using another systems client work on Amber RPG.

Once you have both of these downloaded and installed, run the UO client and fully patch it. After the patching is done, quite the client and run Razor. You may get asked if you wish to allow it to make changes to your system, this is normal, it needs elevated permissions to properly interface with the UO Client. After you confirm you wish to run it, you’ll get a small white box that will pop up, this is where we enter the connection info.

Razor startup screen

Enter the server address ( and the port (2593) then click Okay.