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1000:1 (1,000 gp to $1)

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Before you start

In order to install Amber-RPG, you'll need two files, the Razor installer and the UO client code. The client code is here Unzip this somewhere on your hard drive where you can get to it. This is the VAST majority of the software. Next you'll need Razor or CrossUO.

Razor is made to work on Windows, you may be able to get it to work under wine on Linux (you need to have dotnet20 installed). CrossUO is made to run on Windows, Linux, or Mac OSx. We can try and help you set these up, but we don't write them nor do we know all the ins and outs of each.

Already have Razor and UO?

Simply point your Razor to port 2593 Create your account, and your running. To create an account, enter a username and your choice of passwords. If the game says you have invalid credentials, that name is taken, try another. Else it will create a new account for you. We highly recommend stratics for information on how to do things, Their UO pages are among some of the best.

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