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1000:1 (1,000 gp to $1)

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Table of Contents

Players Guide

This players guide contains hints and helps for playing the game. First is the rules by which the game must be played and this website used.


  1. No bullying: EVER. Seriously people bullying or starting hate wars will be removed. I don't care how much you donate or whatever, IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  2. No cheating money from people using our servers.
  3. No public discussions of other games in our forums or discord servers. There is one and only one forum for other games. If a post is simply to bash this or another game, it will be removed. There is NO discord area for other games, simply because you can add their servers to your discord and there is really no need for it. A direct comparison is permitted as long as it doesn't take things over (“Hey this is a lot like UO” is okay, 14 messages/posts debating that is not…)
  4. The game allows PvP. However most areas you end up being branded a criminal. That is all there is to it.
  5. This game is intended for people over the age of 16. If your under 16 you probably should not use it. There are dirty words used, and adult situations and comments. If you insist on playing, that's between you and your parents, but I did say you shouldn't be here. No one will ban you provide you can behave.
  6. No whining. I mean it. If you have to whine, go play on Facebook with the drama queens.
  7. You may NOT sell your account. Transfer of accounts is strictly prohibited.
  8. You may not hack or discuss hacking this game anywhere. We find out, your account gets deleted.

How to play

This subject could seriously take an entire website or more. However, because the game is currently very similar to Ultima Online, you can use the following sites for some guidance. We'll be adding our own pages as we go, but this should help a great deal.

Ultima Codex

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