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Exchange Rate

1000:1 (1,000 gp to $1)

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How to purchase items for use in-game

You can purchase items, in game with gold. Note, if you need more gold then you want to make in-game, we are working on a method for you to donate and receive a gold gift. Currently you can donate to us through SuperPay or PayPal, and get the current exchange rate (it was 1,000 gp for each $1, or 1000:1, check the sidebar to the left for the current rate) you donate (so if you donate $1.23, you would get 1,230GP). Donations can NOT be returned. You may not exchange gold for real world money. If you donate, and you get your gold, there is no refund. There is NO NEED TO PAY MONEY TO PLAY THIS GAME! If you choose to donate, you're helping to keep the game up and running, but generally our only expense is the server and that is only about $10 per month. If you donate, thank you. It may be the only thank you get, and I want to make sure you do get that.

Note, you need to contact an admin and we will get you the gold and update your weapons online. If you can't find an admin, consider joining the forum and PM Andy or Karen for help. Admins often can be found hanging around in the castle in Britain. All admin's have admin in their name. Non admins that have admin in their name will have the admin part changed to dipstick. This will not be changed back. The only admin without the word admin in their name is Mr. Universe. He is the ruler of this world and pretty much can do what he likes, thankfully he is a benevolent ruler and tends to like people.

Prices are subject to change. In all cases the prices here are what will be used.

Weapon/Armor - Attributes

IDModification Cost per point
1AttackChance 500
2Bonus Dexterity 500
3Bonus Hits 500
4Bonus Intellegence 500
5Bonus Mana 500
6Bonus Stamina 500
7Bonus Strength 500
8Cast Recovery 500
9Cast Speed 500
10Defend Chance 500
11Enhance Potions 500
12Increased Karma Loss 500
13Lower Mana Cost 500
14Lower Reagent Cost 500
17Reflect Physical500
18Regen Hits500
19Regen Mana500
20Regen Stamina500
21Spell Channelling2500
22Weapon Speed500
23Max Hit Points100
24Speed Increase (.1)250
25Durability Bonus1000
26Hit Cold Area 1000
27Hit Dispel1000
28Hit Energy Area1000
29Hit Fire Area1000
30Hit Harm1000
31Hit Leech Hits1000
32Hit Leech Mana1000
33Hit Leech Stamina1000
34Hit Lightning1000
35Hit Lower Attack1000
36Hit Lower Defend1000
37Hit Magic Arrow 1000
38Hit Physical Area 1000
39Hit Poison Bonus1000
40Lower Statistic Requirement1000
41Mage Weapon1000
42Resist Cold Bonus1000
43Resist Energy Bonus1000
44Resist Fire Bonus 1000
45Self Repair5000
46Use Best Skill5000
47Loot Type Blessed15000

Magic Items

1Spell Weaving Book - Empty 10,000
2Spells Weaving Spells 20,000
3Normal Spells - Level 1 200
4Normal Spells - Level 2 400
5Normal Spells - Level 3 800
6Normal Spells - Level 4 1600
7Normal Spells - Level 5 3200
8Normal Spells - Level 6 6400
9Normal Spells - Level 7 12800
10Normal Spells - Level 8 25600
11Rune Book 200
12Normal Spell Book 200

Not everything is currently listed, prices may change. The current page will be used. Donations are non-refundable. You DO NOT NEED TO DONATE TO PLAY.

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