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Important Places

Server Status

Exchange Rate

1000:1 (1,000 gp to $1)

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Welcome to Amber RPG. Very soon we'll be getting information up here about the game and how to play. Hang tight. If you wish to help with the project, you should contact Andy.

Setup Instructions

Players Guide

Purchasing items in game

One thing to note: This game is FREE. We reward donations for keeping the server up with some minor gold (exchange rate to the left…) DO NOT PAY ANYONE TO PLAY THIS GAME. It is free as in liberty and beer. Enjoy. Also while this uses some aspects of UO, not everything is exactly the same, and things keep changing all the time. Don't assume that UO Stratics is exactly right in regards to this game.

Basic rules are in the Players guide. Please adhere to them and we'll all have fun.

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